Biogas Plants for Wastemanagement
There are organic, Non organic and Electronic waste to be managed.Infact waste is not waste but it is wealth.Government of Kerala set up a state Nodal Agency by name 'Suchitwa Mission' to make the state really a 'Gods Own Country'. The Andhyodaya is one of the service providers of this Nodal Agency right from the start of the same. We are into management of organic waste both at the domestic level and at the institution level.
The medium of organic waste management is 'Biogas Plants'.There are mini FRP portable biogas plants for the household level organic waste management and there are large Fixed dome biogas plants for Institution level waste management. We work hand in hand with the LSG Bodies like Gramapanchayaths, Municipalities and Corporations.We have our own biogas plants production unit with a capacity to produce 500 plants per month.The unit is lead by an expert team of technicians.
  • Swchitwa Mission - Govt.of Kerala
  • Grama Panchyaths
  • Muncipalities
  • Corporations
  • Service Clubs like,Lions Clubs,Rotary Clubs etc..
  • Self Help groups
We have distributed more than 11,000 biogas plants to families under the scheme through our partner organizations.
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