Our Country is rich in Sunlight and tapping of Solar Energy is imperative to save the mother earth and protect the future human generations.We are one of the approved manufactures of the MNRE, Government of India. And also, we are a Channel Partner of the Ministry.Andhyodaya, has an exclusive division to promote and implement Solar Energy Programes by name Alternate Energy Corporation (AECO).
Solar Water Heater Programme was introduced to our area of activity in the year 2000.Initaily the project was exclusively in market mode.But later Central and State Governments came up with financial assistance to the project.ANERT is the State Nodal Agency for promotion of Solar Water Heaters in the state.Flat Plate Collectors were in use at the early stages of the programme but now the Evacuvated Glass Tube Techonology is in practice which is more efficient and cost effcetive.
We are an approvered manufacturer of Solar Water Heater by the MNRE,Govt.of India and we are a channel partner of the Ministry: our rating by Crysil is 3B.
We have installed 1,75,000 sqm collector area both at the domestic and institutional sectors.
  • ANERT  - Govt.of Kerala
  • MNRE   - Govt.of India
  • Service Clubs like,Lions Clubs,Rotary Clubs etc..
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