Rainwater Harvesting
Kerala gets an average of 250 to 300 cm rainfall, annually. Due to the steep terrain, the major chunk of the rainwater falling reaches the Oceans within a span of 48 hours. This rainwater if harvested, can be used for drinking and cooking purposes during the stringent summers. Rainwater is harvested from the rooftops of buildings by channeling through chutes. Passing through layers of sand, gravel and activated carbon filters it before it gets collected in the harvesting tank. It is a proven fact that rainwater thus collected and kept without contact with air or sunlight can be retained pure for a year. Thus collecting rainwater at every household is the most economical and feasible remedy for shortage of drinking water.
For an individual, per day, 20 litres of water is needed for cooking and drinking purposes. Thus for a family of 5, around 100 litres of water is needed per day. Hence 10,000 litres of rainwater can suffice the need for drinking water for a family of 5 for a period of three months. In a place, which gets an average 200cm of rainwater annually, a surface area of 8 sq.m is enough to fill a harvesting tank of capacity 10,000 litres in 8 days. The cost per litre on rainwater harvested in a ferro cement tank is around 2 rupees less than that from a synthetic tank. Moreover, the technology is eco-friendly. The cost is further reduced if the tank is built underground.
"Varsha" - Rainwater Harvesting Scheme
The project was undertaken by us under the aegis of kerala water authority (KWA), govt. of kerala envisaging construction of ferro cement rain water harvesting systems in the districts of ernamkulam, alleppy, kottayam, thiruvananthapuram and pathanamthitta. through this project we have covered more than 30,000 families. introduction of a new technology in government sector-ferro cement technology-is one of the indirect advantages of the project. we have constructed rain water harvesting systems in more than 500 governemnt institutions and schools. the largest single rainwater system we have constructed is having 200000 ltr capacity.
Other water management programmes we implement are WGDP (western ghatt development program), NWDPRA (national water development project under rain fed areas) and RAINS (rainwater harvesting awareness implementation network system), Jalanidhi of KRWSA under the world bank project
  • Kerala Rural Water Supply & Sanitation Agency (KRWSA)  - Govt.of Kerala
  • Kerala Water Authority (KWA)                                          - Govt.of Kerala
  • Western Ghats Development Programme (WGDP)             - Govt.of India
  • Local Self Government bodies
  • Department of Water Supply                                            - Govt.of India
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