'Andhyodaya'-name of the organization means 'unto the last'-Rise of last man in Society. Our NGO's activities and projects always aim to achieve this goal. The world today is in the grip of Crisis ; Crisis of Energy, Crisis of Drinking Water, Crisis of Carbon Emission. The rich may be able to surpass these Crisises but what about the poor? How shall they survive? What are sustainable solutions for them? This call of the poor urged formation of the NGO and planning & implementation of projects covering these crisis areas.We walk innovative paths to reach the goal. Renewable Energy Projects, Rain Water Harvesting, Carbon Emission Reduction Projects and programs were initiated to move closer to the goals.
We are now a national NGO having the presence in many stats of India. Winning the UNESCO India Water Award, selling the first VER Credit at the CCX trading platform, distributing Carbon Credit money to farmers, Winning Consumer Protection Award were some moments of joy and satisfaction to all at.
The Andhyodaya. These achievements speak of the quality of service and commitment to activities. We are contributing our share in facing global issues by implementing projects and programmes conducive to local conditions. But the goal in still far and we have 'miles to go before its reached'!!
Best NGO Award from Angamaly Muncipality
Bharatiya Vikas Ratan Feb 2011
Consumer Protection Award 2007 from Honarable State Minister for Fisharies S Sharma
Malayala Sree Award
UNESCO India Water Award 2006-2007
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