Renewable Energy Programs
1. Biogas Extension Programme (Click Here To Read More)
2. Portable Kitchen Biogas Plant for Domestic and Institutional Organic Waste   Management (Click Here To Read More)
3. Andhyodaya Solar Energy Programme (Click Here To Read More)
Conventional energy source's are getting exhausted fast. Unlimited needs and limited resources is the major problem facing by the entire world. So, the development of renewable energy is very important in this time.The Andhyodaya is a forerunner in the area of propogation and innovation of renewable energy projects through out India.
The World is in an energy crisis. Renewable energy sources are the only solution.The Andhyodaya is introducing various programmes regarding to this problems, they are Biogas extension and Solar energy programme.
Biogas Plants for Wastemanagement
There are organic, Non organic and Electronic waste to be managed.Infact waste is not waste but it is wealth.Government of Kerala set up a state Nodal Agency by name 'Suchitwa Mission' to make the state really a 'Gods Own Country'. The Andhyodaya is one of the service providers of this Nodal Agency right from the start of the same. We are into management of organic waste both at the domestic level and at the institution level.
The medium of organic waste management is 'Biogas Plants'.There are mini FRP portable biogas plants for the household level organic waste management and there are large Fixed dome biogas plants for Institution level waste management. We work hand in hand with the LSG Bodies like Gramapanchayaths, Municipalities and Corporations.We have our own biogas plants production unit with a capacity to produce 500 plants per month.The unit is lead by an expert team of technicians.
  • Swchitwa Mission - Govt.of Kerala
  • Grama Panchyaths
  • Muncipalities
  • Corporations
  • Service Clubs like,Lions Clubs,Rotary Clubs etc..
  • Self Help groups
We have distributed more than 11,000 biogas plants to families under the scheme through our partner organizations.
Water Management
"If there is a 3rd World war, it is said, the war will be for drinking water."
1. Rainwater Harvesting (Click Here To Read More)
2. "Varsha" - Rainwater Harvesting Scheme (Click Here To Read More)
3. Watershed Management (Click Here To Read More)
Water resources are becoming scanty. Rain water harvesting is THE solution to this problem. We are specialized in both long term and short term Rain water harvesting projects. Roof top rain water harvesting is the short term and ground water recharging is the long term plan.
Rain water harvesting is the main programme under this sector. To assure drinking water to all, harvesting the abundant rain water is the ideal mechanism. We have constructed thousands of rain water harvesting systems in various parts of country as in state of kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamilnadu.
Environment Preservation
The Andhyodaya is always standing a step forward from others in the enviornemnt preservation. we are drawing different programmes for these purpose, they are;
Integrated Agriculture Development Programme Through Biogas Slurry Organic Farming
we were awarded a project by CAPART, for the development of organic farming. the project aimed at cultivation using biogas slurry being excellent organic manure and was implemented among small and marginal farmers living in Angamaly block Panchayat.
Environment Preservation Through Construction Of Biogas Plants Based On Rubber Latex Water- Phase 1 & Phase
A united nations development programme (UNDP) project implemented in collaboration with centre for environment education (CEE), envisaging to set up units in plots of 1450 farmers in the blocks of Angamaly, kothamangalam, moovatupuzha and mulanthuruthy of ernamkulam district. the project was an innovative one and greatly appreciated by MNRE, Govt. of INDIA and it has now given us a target allotting central subsidy to farmers.
Social Development and Welfare Programmes
Help To Tsunami Victims
The Andhyodaya extended a helping hand to the victims by providing clothes and constructing houses founded by the caritas india
Support To Poor Students
The Andhyodaya being sensitive to the social obligations in the form of promoting education among the weak er sections in our society. we provide poor students from the schools in our district with uniforms and study materials each year, a good number. this is an ongoing programme of the organizations
Distribution Of Clothes To Orphanages And Old Ages Homes
In association with lions clubs international district 324 E4, we implemented this project in the districts of ernamkulam and idukki. we collected about 4.5 tons of clothes and distributed the same to over 32 institutions benefiting more than 2000 individuals.
Indira Gandhi National Open University Study Centre
The Andhyodaya has been approved as one of the study centres of Indira Gandhi National Open University, (IGNOU). various computer courses are being conducted under this programme. It is planned to take up courses like Rain water harvesting, Carbon emission reduction, Solar technologies, Biogas plants
Family Saving Cum Security Programme
It's a new programme of the organization. The members of the 'Gramodhaya' our grass root units, are provided with health insurance and mediclaim. it is supported by the New India Assurance Company ltd. a subsidiary of the GIC
LIC Jeevan Madhur: Micro Insurance
In association with Life Insurance Corporation, Govt. of India, the Andhyodaya is implementing 'Jeevan Madhur' policy in various districts of Kerala for the benefit of poor families. We have by now covered more than 5000 families under the programme.
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